Healthy Guidance

We provide healthy lifestyle advice and reccomendations on numerous topics

Healthy Lifestyle: Optimizing the pattern of living which is the combination of the specific mindset and practice to a balanced way of living in main areas of our lives such as diet, healthy behaviors encompassing positive habits that promote our wellbeing, behavioral orientations, effective exercises, healthy activities, & fulfillment in all domains of life and that proactively reduce the risk of illness, pain, or hardship.

Sleep Hygiene: Providing professional advices for boosting the quantity and quality of sleep by optimizing mattress bed and pillows, following a helpful routine, and forming healthy habits for your sleep.

Functionality: Biomechanical Instruction about the Neuromusculoskeletal Systems of the Body. Explaining biomechanics of the body structures which have essential roles in the function of skeletal, muscular, and nervous system.

Functional Medicine: Evaluating patient’s health condition, offering nutritional counseling and recommending supplements to support body systems’ functions

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